Have Short Sweet Journey With Electric Golf Cart

Electric Golf cart is designed to carry two golfers in golf clubs around golf course to minimize walking stress. This cart is designed in such way that it will cover small distance with small no of passengers with speed restricted within 24 km /hr. maintaining the norms of ANSI standard. The measurement of the cart should be 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 6 ft. and weight should vary from 900 pounds to 1000 pounds or 450 kg. The carts are mostly attached with engine with four strokes. Price of carts may vary upon some factors.


Price of electric golf cart varies depending on the purpose of buying the cart whether the cart will be used in golf course or in country club. Other factor of price may be the no of passengers it requires to be travelled. As the popularity of the electric golf cart rises for golf club or country club with time, demand for storage capacity of cart owners increases. As time passed by, modifications are required to meet demands for specific golf course. Nature of modifications is with ball cleaners, windshields, upgraded motors, cooler trays or speed controllers.

Different Models

This cart is powered electrically and hence named electric golf cart. But, gasoline powered variety also may be available. But, electric powered cart is mostly accepted due to less pollution and noise. These carts are widely accepted due to low speed and safety measures. In some countries, lowest age to drive a golf cart is 13 years. Electric Golf Carts are available with various models and designs. Models may be of 4 seaters with battery operated cart, Electric Golf cart with silent features and easy to move, 8-seaters electric cart,6-seaters electric golf cart, Electric Buggy Golf car with fully automated AC drive and so many.

Electric Golf Cart

Technical Background

Electric Golf Carts run on batteries which in closed circuits produce electric current to flow and push the cart in turn. You may use 36 volts or 48 volts depending upon the designs. If, you have to use 36 volts, 6 numbers of 6 volts’ batteries and incaseof48 volts, you may use6 numbers of 8 volts’ batteries. Gasoline golf cart only operates on 12-voltbattery. Engine life varies for various models. Example model EZ four cycle engine lives is 1250 hours. In some four cycle golf carts, engine life is 2500 hours, and four cycle club car engine life is 4500 hours.


In view of discussion above, you can readily realize electric golf carts can be used in golf course, country clubs for removing walking stress. And requirements of these electric golf carts may vary from specific golf courses and demands also vary. The carts are battery operated and process low speeds. These do not create any pollution or noise. So, these are not harmful for environment. So, demands are increasing and manufacturing units are also increasing to meet the demands. Various models are manufactured to cope with the varied requirements. It is really short happy journey with electric Golf cart.

How To Handle An Electric Golf Cart

Golf is a strategic and precise game and how you want to experience your play is up to you. As a golfer you have the option to walk the course or rent a golf cart. Most golfers prefer to rent a cart instead of carrying their heavy golf bag around the course because after scooping a golf ball to 200 plus yards and walk that much is too much for some people. So if you are one of them then you can simply rent a golf cart and to rent golf cart here are some instructions that will help you to handle a cart properly:

First Step: Renting The Cart and The Key

To ride on the cart for the rest time on the course you need rent the electric golf cart from the pro shop or the club house and obtain the key for the golf cart.

Electric Golf Cart

Second Step: Locate Your Cart

Now, after coming out of the club house issuing the electric golf cart, you need to find your golf cart and that is quite easy actually. You will find a number on your key as well as on the golf cart that you will need, after that you are ready to go.

Third Step: Securing The Clubs

Now before you start riding, you need to put your golf club bag and other essentials at the back of the electric golf cart and secure them, you just can’t carry them on your shoulder while riding?

Fourth Step: Check The Brakes

You should make sure that the brakes are locked before you put in the key in the ignition. It is usually located at the right side of the steering wheel, and don’t expect to hear any type of sound while starting the engine, come on it’s an electric go cart.

Fifth Step: Put it in The “F” Position

You will find “F” and “R” buttons under the seat or on the dash. The “R” button represents reverse and “F” button represents forwards.

Sixth Step: Press Down on The Gas But Slowly

You should not slam the gas, otherwise your go cart will jerk you out or it will behave erratically. You don’t want that to happen in front of everyone. Press in down slowly, the brakes will release and then gradually increase the gas and you will gain the speed.

Seventh Step: Try Not To Flip Over

You may laugh at first after seeing this step but it is true golf carts are really easy to lose control and tend to flip over when you are turning at a good speed. So drive with caution and try not to go overboard.

Eighth and The Final Step: Stopping The Golf Cart

If you have reached your destination, just like you started the golf cart you need to stop it like that only. Press down the brake slowly not at once and flip over until it locks in its place and then take out the key.


Adhere to the cart rules. All courses will have different rules with golf carts you can obtain a copy of these rules when you rent your cart. Make sure your golf clubs are securely attached. Clip your scorecard and pencil on the steering wheel for easy score keeping.